Video Chat that respects your Privacy

Keeping you connected to the other end of the line, wherever you are.

Privacy, convenience, and communication are all important, especially in a Post-COVID World. It’s why Calyr has built a high tech video chat solution that allows you to have all of them.  It works in your computer browser with nothing to install.

Keep you and your peers connected with Calyr

Your account is simply a long alphanumeric key, with no email address attached.  We cannot ever contact you, because we don’t have contact information for you.

Measurable results are the name of the game

Calyr has the most pitch perfect sound quality I’ve experienced after using various alternatives. There’s no account hassle just a code, so simple.

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Calyr is very easy to use, has amazing speeds and super good quality! I use this for meetings while we are all at home! 10/10 would recommend to others.


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February 27, 2020

Privacy, Convenience, and Communication. Provided.

We created Calyr with you in mind, and we are always so glad to see people giving us different ideas to help make Calyr even better! That’s our vision.

Keeping You Connected 

Keeping You Connected 

Keeping You Connected 

Keeping You Connected 

Keeping You Connected 

Keeping You Connected 

Let's change the world together. One call at a time.

Every little bit helps the greater good of the world.

We have a long track record of wide-reaching effects.